On the ground

Baku is a strategic location, referred to as the crossroads of east and west, and ideal for technical stopovers during flights between Europe and Asia. ASG Business Aviation is the exclusive FBO providing handling services to regular charter programs, business and charter flights at Baku, Ganja, Gabala, Nakhichevan, Lenkoran, Gabala and Zakatala airports.


With its` fully equipped facility the company provides high quality services, which range from providing standard Ground Handling services to meeting/departure, refueling,  aircraft exterior and interior cleaning, catering, hotel booking, passenger limousines and car rental services. While your aircraft is being prepared for its onward journey, step inside our terminal and experience the comfort and luxury of our lounge, where you can relax and enjoy the drinks and snacks, or read the latest news and leaf through the magazines and VVIP rooms, allowing you to continue your flight feeling relaxed and refreshed.


ASG Business Aviation is the exclusive FBO providing ground handling services for business aviation flights, charter flights and regular charter programs at the airports of Baku (UBBB), Nakhichevan (UBBN), Ganja (UBBG), Gabala (UBBQ), Lankaran (UBBL) and Zagatala (UBBY).


ASG Business Aviation's wide range of services includes:

  • 24/7 Availability;
  • Ground Handling services;
  • GSE for almost any type of aircrafts;
  • Hangar Services for Aircraft;
  • Aircraft parking in front of ASGBA terminal;
  • Secured parking facilities;
  • Catering Arrangements;
  • Fuelling Arrangements;
  • Crew accommodation Arrangement;
  • Security services;
  • And more….