ASG Business Aviation adds another Gulfstream aircraft to its aircraft fleet

Leading Azerbaijani business operator ASG Business Aviation, part of the group of companies of the same name is starting commercial operation of 18 seats Gulfstream G550s. The aircraft is available for worldwide charter flights and will be based at the capital's Heydar Aliyev International Airport. This is the second business jet of this type in the operator's fleet available for charter flights.

The cabin of the G550 aircraft combines high efficiency in the use of working and living space and exceptional comfort. The cabin includes three living areas and three zones with autonomous air temperature control. Each pair of forward-facing seats transforms into a full-sized bed. Gulfstream's 14 signature oval windows flood the cabin with natural light. Add the fresh air combined with a very low barometric altitude. These are the subtle touches whose effect is invaluable. The abundance of natural light and fresh air helps passengers stay productive and focused. With a low barometric altitude, the body is less stressed and passengers arrive at their destination rested and ready to work. The G550's quiet cabin also contributes to a better sense of well-being. Advanced noise cancellation techniques leave engine noise where it belongs - outside the aircraft.

The aircraft also offers business solutions familiar to the "terrestrial" office, including a printer and fax machine. The jet is equipped with Iridium calling and Internet access during the flight, so you can stay connected whenever you need to.

The new G550 ASG Business Aviation is equipped with an Elite interior, which includes a special combination of materials, power seats with a massage function, and the ability to control cabin functions from a smartphone or tablet.

The cabin is optimized for long-range flights. Passengers of almost any height can stand up to their full height. An additional sense of spaciousness is created by the huge oval portholes - Gulfstream's trademark. The range of the aircraft is more than 12500 km, which allows you to perform non-stop flights, almost anywhere in the world. The aircraft has two bathrooms and a very spacious kitchen in the front part of the cabin.

Notably, it was the G550 that was first equipped with the PlaneView cabin, which includes a display system and an integrated Honeywell Primus Epic flight deck. The PlaneView flight deck is a collaborative effort between engineers and pilots to enhance situational awareness and flight safety while taking some of the burden off the pilots. Flight information of paramount importance is displayed on 14-inch LCD monitors in an easy-to-decipher format.